Storied Lands & Waters of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway

Interpretive Plan and Heritage Resource Assessment

Authored by Bruce Jacobson
Sponsored by Allagash Wilderness Waterway Foundation.

An interpretive plan for Allagash Wilderness Waterway, located in northern Maine, articulates a purpose and thematic framework for communicating messages about “the Allagash.” Recommended actions address management’s goals; respond to inherent possibilities and constraints; build on current efforts; take advantage of interpretive opportunities; and identifiy audiences. The plan proposes actions and resources for educators.

A heritage resource assessment identifies properties and objects associated with the Waterway in seven historic and cultural resource categories. Proposed management actions help carry out provisions of Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands strategic and management plans, consistent with Bureau policy and best management practices. In general, policy requires managers to “protect, monitor, and treat” historic and cultural resources under their care.

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The interior of the printed version is black and white; be aware that some images may appear pixelated or slightly blurry.

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Allagash Wilderness Waterway Lesson Plans

Complete lesson plans, and supplemental material, is available for educators by following the links below. (not yet available)

  • Educators’ Introduction – Background on the project and the Waterway.
  • The Birchbark Canoe
  • Lombards in the Waterway
  • Life in Allagash Waters
  • River Stewardship: Sharing Stories
  • Gears, Ratios, Speed & Torque – Oh My!
  • Changing Technology
  • Spheres of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway
  • Waterway Mapping
  • Sample Lesson Plans – All of the above educator resources (PDF).
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