About Bruce Jacobson

Bruce Jacobson facilitates results with both nonprofit and government organizations as a consulting facilitator and planner. Formerly, as superintendent of Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, he connected coastal islands with an urban population. Bruce was Chief of Planning & Land Resources at Acadia National Park in Maine, where he began working for the National Park Service. In addition, Bruce has been active in the non-government sector as a professional with The Nature Conservancy, Maine Audubon Society, Maine Coast Heritage Trust, and Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., among others.

Bruce Jacobson studied wildland recreation at the University of Montana School of Forestry, earning a BS in natural resource conservation. He holds a master’s degree in human resource education from Boston University School of Education (EdM). Bruce is a trained mediator and the International Association of Facilitators certified him a Professional Facilitator (2006). He is a National Association for Interpretation Certified Interpretive Planner.

What Others Say

Jim Vekasi, Building Planning Committee Chair, Southwest Harbor (Maine) Public Library

Bruce’s thorough preparation and his ability to listen, summarize, and allow all participants the opportunity to be heard has been an essential component of our groups’ successes. I’ve worked with Bruce in a number of complex multi-party decision processes over the years, most recently for the Southwest Harbor Public Library.

Bob Reynolds, Superintendent, Acadia National Park (former)

Bruce’s strongest skills are in the area of interpersonal communications and facilitation. He does an outstanding job of developing innovative methods to obtain involvement in the planning process and follows through to provide feedback to those who we involve.

Claude “Blackie” Cyr, Member, Maine Acadian Culture Preservation Commission (former)

I want to compliment Bruce on being an excellent listener on top of being an excellent speaker. I find it fascinating that that man can sit and listen to the comments, arguments, and so on, and most of the time from the arguments he goes right to the charts and puts it all down in order and it makes sense.

Kathy Abbott, President and CEO, Boston Harbor Now

Bruce is great at helping disparate groups find common ground. He skillfully gets parties to say what’s most important to them.