Expert Facilitator

Helped people in nonprofit and government organizations make decisions through dialogue and strategic thinking. Honed strong communication skills with internal and external audiences.

  • Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) by International Association of Facilitators (2006).
  • Engaged community leaders such as Native American tribal representatives, elected officials, public advocates, donors, general public, and other constituents in all professional positions held—particularly as nonprofit executive and park planner.
  • Consultant to volunteer boards and staff for setting programmatic goals; for example:
    • Island Alliance,
    • Hancock County Cooperative Extension,
    • Lavender Country Folk Dancers,
    • Puppet Showplace Theater.
  • Internal and external consultant to New England national parks and other National Park Service offices for planning and organizational development services; for example:
    • Southwest and Northeast Regional Offices,
    • Acadia National Park,
    • Cape Cod National Seashore,
    • Lowell National Historical Park.
  • Trained in techniques of mediation and facilitation; for example:
    • Boston Facilitators’ Roundtable,
    • Community Dispute Settlement Center,
    • Community Mediation Services (VOANNE), and
    • Leadership Strategies, Inc.
  • Represented organizations to the general public and news outlets, including
    • National Park Service,
    • Maine Coast Heritage Trust,
    • Maine Audubon,
    • The Nature Conservancy .
  • Mastered a concise, simple writing style.
    • ability to meld other writers’ contributions into cohesive whole.
    • wrote and edited hundreds of products including program brochures, exhibits, websites, newsletters, planning documents, annual reports.
  • Designed and presented approximately 2,000 public programs, engaging audiences as park ranger, professional planner, nonprofit and government executive, visiting faculty, and consultant.
  • Developed deep knowledge and skill in public education as environmental educator and front-line park ranger, combined with master’s degree in education.

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