Strategic Planner

Authored management, strategic, and interpretive plans for protected lands in New England. Throughout, successfully created and conducted numerous pubic involvement strategies utilizing focus groups, key respondents, public meetings, newsletters, media, and other techniques. Credentialed by the National Association for Interpretation as a Certified Interpretive Planner.

  • Created and administered a planning program for Acadia NP, resulting in:
    • strategic plan;
    • statement for management;
    • staffing (target organization) plans;
    • land protection plan;
    • transportation and commercial use planning;
    • visitor use management (VERP).
  • Consultant or key team member writing frameworks to share the significance of parks and historic sites with the public. These plans define overarching interpretive themes and identify media for content delivery; some include exhibit design.
    • Allagash Wilderness Waterway (Maine)
    • Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area (Massachusetts)
    • Ethan Allen Homestead Museum (Vermont)
    • Mast Landing Sanctuary (Maine)
    • Pettingil Farm (Maine)
    • Saint Croix Island International Historic Site (Maine)
  • Initiated innovative cultural conservation strategy in collaboration with culture professionals and community scholars to implement Maine Acadian Culture Presevation Act.
    • established non-profit partner to carry out the cultural program.
  • Organized¬†and conducted a planning program for Saint Croix Island IHS (Maine).
    • carried out in cooperation with international partners.
  • Wrote long-range management plans for protected lands as key team member. These plans established mission and goals, then defined broad direction for historic preservation, natural resource management, education, and recreation.
    • Acadia National Park (Maine)
    • Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area (Massachusetts)
    • Maine Audubon Society (sanctuaries statewide)
    • Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historical Park (Vermont)
    • Roosevelt Campobello International Park (New Brunswick)
    • Saint Croix Island International Historic Site (Maine & New Brunswick).
  • Conducted heritage resource assessment for Allagash Wilderness Waterway (Maine).
    • includes management recommendations in seven cultural resource categories.

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